Public Info

The Department of Communications is an in-house marketing, public relations, and community relations resource.  It is our desire to build public understanding and support for the Surry County School System.  You are encouraged to visit this communications site frequently to stay current with media releases, publications, and resources about the nineteen schools with approximately 8,400 students in the Surry County School System.   For additional information, please contact , Director.

Media Releases
Media releases provide the general public with updates and information concerning the Surry County School System. Media releases are forwarded to local newspapers, radio, and television stations, as well as being published on the school system website. 

System Facts
System Facts include announcements for the Surry County School School System and updated statistical information.  

School Calendar
The school calendar provides dates for specific events associated with the Surry County School System to help the community plan accordingly. 

Student/Parent Handbooks
A copy of the elementary, middle, and high school handbook can be viewed online both in English and Spanish by clicking on the link above.

Photo galleries provide pictures of district wide events. 

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